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Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

self adhesive kraft tape
This is a product our company has been perfecting:
Writable eco-friendly degradable self-adhesive kraft paper tape, recyclable rate is 100%
Its performance is:1. Strong flexibility, lateral and longitudinal tensile forces exceed kraft paper tapes
2. Anti-explosion, there will be no middle burst of kraft paper tape
3. Stretching, moderate softness, faster and better-looking when packing
4. The tape never appears warped
5. This is our most powerful point. We can stick express labels on the surface of the tape without falling off or damaging the express labels.
6. The key is that our kraft paper tape is beautifully packaged and fits the color of the carton
7. The source factory integrates production, we are the supplier, and the price is absolutely advantageous
  • self adhesive kraft tape

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    We are one of the largest suppliers of kraft paper tapes in China, with 25 years of experience

 in kraft paper tapes, we specialize in R&D, production and sales of kraft paper tapes as an integrated factory.

    Self-adhesive kraft paper tape has always been the main direction of our company, it has a great contribution in our environmental protection concept, it can be packed express, packaging sealing boxes, take-away boxes fixed, solve a lot of our life with plastic needs, let our life more and more green and healthy


Self-adhesive kraft paper tape

Self-adhesive kraft paper tapeSelf-adhesive kraft paper tapeSelf-adhesive kraft paper tapeSelf-adhesive kraft paper tapeSelf-adhesive kraft paper tape

 kraft paper tape

    Its charm is not limited to its great contribution to environmental protection, but also in terms of packaging, it can fit perfectly with the carton, the horizontal and vertical tension, it can maintain the same value, and the packaging and sealing have ultra-high stability , will not warp the edge, can be transported for a long time, stored for a long time, maintain the beauty of the goods, the brand image of the company will be improved, and more can be trusted by more consumers


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