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Custom High Quality Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Product Name:Water activated Kraft Paper Tape or Self-adhesive kraft paper tape
Type:Plain or Print logo
Backing:Kraft paper
Size (width & length):Can be customized as customer (Jumbo roll size or cut roll size)
MOQ:100 Rolls
Adhesive:Acrylic glue / Starch glue / Hot melt adhesive/ Rubber
Print logo:Can be customized
Paper weight:65G / 70G / 75G / 80G / 85G / 90G
Paper color:brown/ White /black Multi-color printing
Features:Eco-friendly , good adhesion , writable , printable , non-toxic
How To Use?
To apply, simply cut to size, wet the adhesive side of the paper with a sponge, spray bottle or rag to activate the adhesive, and
then stick to the box. Or, use a gummed tape dispenser machine (sold separately).
Features & Benefits:
* Water activated adhesive – must wet the tape for the adhesive to get sticky; Gummed paper tape is not self-adhesive.
* Ideal for high-volume, heavy-duty or industrial shipping and provides a professional, high-quality look.
* Waterproof tape backing keeps box intact in all weather conditions.
* Easy to unwind from roll.
* Excellent adhesion to duct board.
  • kraft tape NO.01

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper TapeWater Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Water Activated Kraft Paper TapeWater Activated Kraft Paper TapeWater Activated Kraft Paper TapeWater Activated Kraft Paper TapeWater Activated Kraft Paper TapeWater Activated Kraft Paper Tape


So, WHAT is the big idea about WAT?

Water activated tape (WAT) is a paper carton sealing tape (white or natural kraft) available in various widths and thicknesses and which may contain multiple layers with fiberglass reinforcement. When the adhesive on the water activated tape is wetted, it penetrates the carton material, forming a permanent bond with the carton. It bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces, generating an immediate, destructive bond which is what makes it a highly effective theft deterrent.

  • Secure Bond: the starch-based adhesive aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments

  • Custom Imprinting: advertise your company and products, provide directions for freight handlers, and improve the appearance of your package with a customized look

  • All-Weather Use: water activated tape is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures unlike other tapes, meaning that it can be used in any environment without sacrificing adhesion integrity

  • Protection: a carton sealed with water activated tapecant be opened without leaving a broken seal

Sometimes called paper tape, reinforced tape, gum tape, gummed tape, reinforced gummed tape (RGT), non-asphaltic tape, Kraft (non-reinforced) tape, water activated taperequires a dispensing machine for application; it cannot be used with a traditional hand-sealing dispenser.


  • Water Activated TapeBetter, faster, stronger than pressure-sensitive packing tape

  • Provides a tamper-evident seal

  • Difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering

  • Easy to print on (advertise your brand)

  • Retains integrity if punctured

  • Can be used in dusty or dirty environments

  • Maintains seal in extremes of cold, heat, light, humidity

  • Only one strip is needed to produce a sturdy seal

  • Recyclable

Companies are increasingly using water activated tape to ship their products ordered over the internet for reasons including tamper-evidence, theft avoidance, branding their cartons, sustainability, and additional strength. Any company in virtually any industry can benefit from using WAT, but its most typically found in the food, clothing, health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, electronics, public safety, furniture, and defense industries.

From a security perspective, all pressure sensitive tapes can be defeated with a heat source like a blow dryer. Unknown to the shipper or receiver, packages can be opened and re-sealed. Besides goods being removed from cartons due to theft, unwanted materials could be placed inside creating possible security or health risks. But, WAT is tamper-evident, so if cartons are compromised during shipment there is usually some kind of evidence showing that something has happened to the carton and, potentially, its contents.

Additionally, water activated tapeis more cost effective than traditional pressure tapes. Despite needing a brief moment for the adhesives to penetrate the carton, a WAT dispenser is superior to a typical tape hand dispenser with studies showing thesedispensers are 21% more productive.And if youre looking strictly on a cost-per-foot basis, three inch wide plastic tape is about the same price as three inch wide water activated tape, however, in practical applications, most packe

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