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Reinforced Water Activated Tape (BJ-130E)

Product Description: Water Activated Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape (BJ-130E) Water activated tape, also called gummed paper tape or gummed tape, is a starch-based adhesive. The starch-based adhesive becomes sticky when moistened and is usually found on a kraft paper backing. Water activated tape is often used for closing and sealing boxes.


Product Description:

Reinforced water activated tape (BJ-130E)

Water activated tape, also called gummed paper tape or gummed tape, is a starch-based adhesive. The starch-based adhesive becomes sticky when moistened and is usually found on a kraft paper backing. Water activated tape is often used for closing and sealing boxes.


It is Water - based vegetable glue (no poison, no smell, no corrosion ) durable and high viscosity, strong tensile strength, good holding force and so on. 


It is environmental - friendly, excellent adhesion, writable, printable, tasteless, recycle and so on.

1.Coated the plant composite adhesive, with strong adhesion once the glue face is wet by water, and not come off after getting dry.

2.High tensile strength, excellent sealing performance and prevent from cracking.

3.Available to use by automatic sticking machine or hand operation.

4.Without adhesiveness before the tape is water wet.

5.All-Weather Use - not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures.

6.Stable glue source which is good for long-term storage.

7.Tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds if an attempt is made to pull it off before delivery

Storage Condition:

Stable glue source which is good for long-term storage. Recommend to be store in a clean and dry place, room temperature, and avoid direct sunlight. 


Backing: Kraft paper

Width (mm): 48-955

Length (m): 45-2650

Thickness: 0.14mm

Color: Brown / White / Yellow white

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