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Writable kraft paper tape-in line with international environmental trends

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Writable kraft paper tape

Writable kraft paper tape-in line with international environmental trends

Writable kraft paper tape has the characteristics of good safety, convenient use, no energy consumption, and no pollution. The base paper is kraft paper, and the glue is hot melt glue. It has water resistance, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good retention, no warpage, stable weather resistance, high viscosity, no warpage, long shelf life, and guarantees long-term stickiness without moisture !

In developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, the period of rapid industrialization has passed. Solve the traditional pollution problem. At this stage, the focus is on environmental risk identification and risk prevention and control.

Mainly manifested in: paying more attention to the risk assessment and risk control technology research of environmental pollutants and chemicals. Pay attention to the development of high-efficiency, accurate results and species positioning throughout the life cycle of toxicity testing and prediction technology. Attach importance to the coordinated control of green substitution at the source and end of the pipeline to reduce environmental risks and protect public health.

Pay more attention to solving complex systemic environmental problems

Earth system scientific research has made a series of important progress, and a global stereoscopic observation system and research network for the purpose of global change research have been initially established, providing scientific services to governments at all levels. Environmental problems need to be solved systematically.

 International environmental protection technology has shifted from a single element to multiple comprehensive research, from local pollution prevention to regional and even global scale ecological and environmental issues.

The main manifestations are: environmental science research has entered the stage of comprehensive integration research with the earth system as the object. It has conducted research on the integration of space and the earth and the regional ecosystem that interacts with various environmental elements, and has established a highly developed environment. The information network realizes the analysis of environmental elements. Long-term continuous observation can reveal the mechanism by which human activities affect the earth system to a greater extent.


Pay more attention to the integration and application of new technologies in multiple fields

Environmental protection technology integrates green technology into various industries and fields, takes measures from the root causes of environmental problems, seeks sustainable production and consumption methods, and promotes the coordinated development of the environment, economy and society. With the continuous expansion and in-depth application of molecular technology, biotechnology, new material technology, information technology, cloud computing and big data in the field of environmental protection, developed countries have broken through many key environmental governance and management technologies.

Improve quality and promote the environment. Innovatively develop quality monitoring, early warning and environmental risk prevention and control technologies. Specifically, molecular biotechnology reveals the genetic information and performance characteristics of microorganisms through gene hybridization and sequencing, and provides powerful experimental means for understanding the genetic characteristics of environmental microorganisms in the biological reaction mechanism.

UAV remote sensing technology is moving towards multi-scale, multi-frequency, all-weather, high-precision, high-efficiency, and rapid development, which greatly improves the real-time and operability of environmental remote sensing technology. The continuous integration of environmental protection technology and new technology has further promoted the development of the environmental protection industry.

Baijin kraft paper tape manufacturer is a writable kraft paper tape developed according to domestic market demand. The environmentally friendly kraft paper tape uses imported kraft paper as the base material and modified starch as the tape. The carton can be sealed firmly. It is an environmentally friendly tape that adapts to international development trends. 

The product has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high peel strength and strong tensile force. The base material and adhesive will not pollute the environment and can be recycled and reused together with the packaging (in accordance with EU Rohs standards). It is mainly used to replace BOPP tape, etc., for sealing, bundling, etc.

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