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What kind of tape is biodegradable

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As it's made from paper, paper tape can be recycled along with your normal recycling items like cardboard boxes and paper bags. This is also helpful for your customers as when they go to get rid of their packaging waste the tape can go in the home recycling bin along with the cardboard box their goods arrived in  Paper tape is a more Eco-friendly alternative to a traditional tape made of plastic.

Self-adhesive kraft tape is also made of paper but uses natural rubber for bonding. It does not require a custom hose dispenser; it can be supplied in an enhanced version if desired.

Water Activated Kraft Tape: Recommended for high-volume applications. WAT seals better, is more reliable, and is more affordable per box than pressure-sensitive tapes. In most cases, 1 piece of paper tape will do the job of 3 pieces of plastic tape. We offer fiberglass reinforced and non-reinforced options.

adhesive kraft tape

Water Activated Tape (WAT), also known as Adhesive Tape, is traditionally made from paper and a water-based chemical adhesive. This type of tape is water activated - you can use a sponge or a custom water tape dispenser. WAT does not leave any sticky residue and is easy to remove. Non-reinforced WATs are typically used to transport smaller, lighter objects, while reinforced WATs made of embedded fiberglass strands are used for heavy items and demanding jobs. Reinforced WAT is still recyclable because the glass fibers are filtered out during the recycling process.

Pressure Sensitive Kraft Flat Back Tape: A paper tape is an excellent solution for small-batch operations and lightweight packaging. The unique biodegradable blend of the paper backing and pressure-sensitive natural and synthetic rubber adhesives tear easily - no dispenser required.

1. Can achieve the bonding effect by applying pressure for a short time (non-water, solvent, heating)

2. It overcomes the solvent volatilization and the drying time required during the operation of the structural adhesive, which can improve the working environment

3. After peeling, it will not pollute the adherend, and it can be re-corrected when it is wrongly pasted and can be reused many times.

4. Easy to operate, can significantly improve production efficiency and product aesthetics.

5. Partially replace the traditional mechanical fixation such as screws, rivets, welding, etc.

6. It has apparent effects on product weight reduction and cost reduction

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