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Use and characteristics of adhesive paper tape

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Use and characteristics of adhesive paper tape

The adhesive paper tape is mainly composed of BOPP and paper tubes as the base material in the production process. The former will effectively coat a layer of sub-sensitive adhesive inside. This layer of sub-sensitive adhesive is a kind of non-drying adhesive. , Its role is significant when used because its quality will directly affect the quality of the entire product.

Under normal circumstances, the thicker the adhesive paper tape, the better. The colors and specifications of the products are diverse. They can be selected and customized to meet different needs when used, but the color must be provided.

Adhesive paper tape specifications, glue type: the thickness of the adhesive paper is expressed by an anchor (u), and the length of the adhesive paper is expressed by code (y), thickness: 38-80μ/ The thickness of commonly used sealing glue is mostly: 50μ, 48μ, 42μ, 40μ, 1 yard (y) = 0.9144 meters (m)

The adhesive paper tape has strong toughness and tension resistance when used. The whole product has the characteristics of lightweight, strong adhesion, and printing ability, but it has the disadvantages of no moisture-proof, no moisture-proof, and no insulation. Under normal circumstances, air bubbles can be seen in the produced sealing or stationery glue. This is normal, but if the air bubbles are severe, they may be caused by not being tightened during the production process.

The adhesive paper tape has a wide range of uses. It is generally used for sealing, fixing, and bundling, etc. It can also be applied to other purposes. Due to its wide range of uses, it has a wide range of consumer objects. Generally applicable to all kinds of enterprises, companies, and individuals, especially the dosage of manufacturing plants.

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