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The raw material of kraft paper tape

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The raw material of kraft paper tape

Kraft paper tape is widely used in various industries. The chemical adhesive tape, protective film, and self-adhesive market rapidly resist tension. China has become the world's largest manufacturer and consumer of the adhesive industry. With a high annual rate Increment.

The molecular weight distribution of kraft paper tape is different. When using the same tape, if the composition is different, the processing performance of the tape, the mechanical properties, and the physical and chemical properties of the film will be different. Whether it is transparent tape or kraft paper tape, it will be significantly affected by raw materials, which reminds us to pay attention to the grade and grade of the polymer when selecting the raw material of the tape.

When kraft paper tape is used to produce the plastic film, some additives are often added to the polymer, and the type and performance of these additives have a significant impact on the film's performance. In the production of kraft paper tapes, polymers and certain additives are often mixed in a particular ratio to improve certain aspects of performance.

Kraft paper tape can be effectively added with polyethylene and lubricant, a raw material for the tape, to improve the lubricity of the tape. When polyethylene is used to prepare films, stabilizers must be added because of its easy thermal decomposition. The tape must have a reasonable combination of formulas, and the raw materials of the tape must have an appropriate ratio in the formula. Adjusting the composition and ratio can change the performance of the tape.

With the economic globalization acceleration and the rapid development of China's economy, China has become a modern world and an attractive market. The adhesive industry has become a vital industry in my country's chemical industry. With the advancement of science and technology, the scope of application has been broadened, and now it is widely used in the joints of the leather industry. The joints of the paper industry are used in an instantaneous high-temperature environment.

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