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The harm of inferior sealing tape

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The harm of inferior sealing tape

Ordinary packaging and sealing tape is an indispensable product in the life of enterprises, companies, and individuals. Still, how to choose, many consumers' understanding of tape is that it is low in price and has a good feel and viscosity. This doesn't seem right.

Ordinary sealing tape glue is acrylic glue, a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The main ingredient is tincture. A tincture is a polymer active substance, and the temperature has a particular influence on the molecular activity. The tincture content of the glue directly affects the use of the tape. Many individuals think that sticky tape is good glue, but this doesn't seem right.

There are two standards for the quality of the glue of the tape. One is the initial adhesion, the other is the holding force, and the two are inversely proportional. Generally speaking, tapes with a tack lower than No. 10 are less glue-coated, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery tapes and tapes for ordinary promotional bundling.

The initial adhesion of standard sealing tape is between 15-20, and the thickness of this tape glue is generally 22-28 microns. It is a standard thickness. However, most of the tapes on the market are mixed with impurities, so the thickness increases. The glue is also mixed with toner to cover the impurities, so the transparent tape appears egg yellow and light green. This tape is generally inferior.

Only professionals can identify the quality of the sealing tape. It is recommended that the unprofessional look at the brand and the product's price. If the brand is good and the price is high, the quality of the product will not be wrong.

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