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The basic properties of kraft paper tape are introduced

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The basic properties of kraft paper tape are introduced

Kraft paper tape is mainly used to seal the yellow tape when it is used. Such products can be used in many places in industrial production and daily life. The composition of kraft paper tape is actually very simple, that is, kraft paper is coated with adhesive. , in which kraft paper is the base material, and the binder is an important substance that determines the viscosity of kraft paper.

There are several types of kraft paper tapes, such as wet water kraft paper tape, water-free kraft paper tape, high temperature resistant kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, and layered kraft paper tape. Different types of kraft paper tapes have different specific uses. Water-free kraft paper tapes are mainly used for sealing industrial product packaging boxes; wet water kraft paper tapes require wet water to be sticky. written or printed on it.

When kraft paper tape is used, its different applications require kraft paper tape to have different specifications. The thickness of commonly used self-adhesive kraft paper tape is generally 0.15mm, and the width is mostly 48mm, 50mm, 60mm, 72mm, etc.; the thickness of water-free kraft paper tape Generally between 0.13-0.25mm, the width is between 10-1240mm. The length of the kraft paper tape is very arbitrary, but it is mostly 50m. The special specification of kraft paper tape can also be customized to the manufacturer, which can generally meet the needs of any specification.

Kraft paper tape has outstanding advantages such as waterproof, tensile strength, high-strength viscosity, not easy to warp, and corrosion resistance, while wet water kraft paper tape has the advantages of recyclability, no pollution, environmental protection, etc., and strong viscosity. Since the kraft paper tape is coated with adhesive on one side, and the adhesive is easily affected by the external temperature and humidity, the kraft paper tape should be stored at a suitable temperature and humidity. Generally, the kraft paper tape should be stored at a temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius. environment, and pay great attention to moisture and water resistance.

There are three functions of kraft paper tape, which can be divided into box sealing, wheat head and label. Sealing category: Wet water kraft paper tape is more commonly used to seal boxes. Due to the low cost of wet water kraft paper tape, good sealing effect and good sealing effect, many export products outsourcing boxes need to be sealed with wet water kraft paper tape. safety of cargo.

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