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How is wet water kraft paper tape store?

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Baijin is a professional kraft paper tape manufacturer. Today, I will introduce to you how to store wet water kraft paper tape. Many companies hope that when buying kraft paper tape, they can use it immediately and achieve zero inventory, but in fact this idea It can’t be realized. In the process of reproduction, various unforeseen situations will be encountered and zero inventory can not be achieved. Then the intelligence can reduce the inventory of materials as much as possible to shorten the inventory cycle.

Since the kraft paper tape itself is greatly affected by external environmental factors, and once the paper performance changes, it cannot be recovered, so it will cause certain losses in subsequent production and processing. Therefore, attention should be paid to the storage of kraft paper tape.

The base paper of kraft paper tape should not be stored in the open air as much as possible. If it is unavoidable to store it in the open air under certain circumstances, you must be careful not to store it for too long. At the same time, it needs to be covered with canvas to avoid sun exposure and rain.

Kraft paper tape is sensitive to the humidity in the environment, and it is easy to absorb and lose moisture, causing the material itself to wrinkle and curl. Therefore, the storage environment of kraft paper tape needs to be kept dry and tidy. The storage of kraft paper tape cannot be stacked close to the wall. The humidity of the warehouse environment where the tape is stored is best kept between 50%-65%.

Kraft paper tape contains wood fiber and other chemical components, which will easily fade after long-term sunlight exposure, which will affect the effect of use.

And after the explosion, the kraft paper tape becomes brittle and deformed due to the evaporation of internal moisture, so that it cannot be used for printing. When stacking, pay attention to not stacking too high to avoid crushing the lower layer of paper.

In addition, it is prone to collapse when stacked too high, causing damage to the base paper and manual casualties.

Therefore, it is recommended that the stacking height of kraft paper tape should not exceed five meters, and the storage temperature of the warehouse should be controlled at 15-25 degrees Celsius.

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