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Environmentally friendly material - Kraft Paper Tape

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Environmentally Friendly Material-Kraft Paper Tape

Baijin kraft paper tape manufacturer introduces to everyone, kraft paper tape is a tough, water-resistant packaging paper, brown in color, and it has a wide range of uses. It is widely used in the packaging of paper boxes, cartons, handbags, color boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, document bags and other fields.

It not only has strong physical properties. Compared with ordinary tape, it is much higher than ordinary paper bag in terms of toughness, tensile strength, burst resistance, stiffness, printing effect and so on. Not only is the color unfamiliar to the public, but it also has excellent moisture resistance. For some non-moisture resistant item collectors, its strong moisture resistance can prevent items from being moist and moldy, deteriorated, rusted, etc.

With the improvement of living standards, the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many products have been packaged with environmentally friendly materials.

Of course, kraft paper tape also belongs to one of them.

Because the brown of the kraft paper tape itself seems to give people a warm nostalgia, it is loved by people.

The performance of food grade kraft paper tape is very superior, not only has the advantages of moisture-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, low-temperature freezing resistance, and delayed insurance period.

Compared with packaging materials such as plastic and glass, under the same barrier effect, its cost is ten to twenty percent lower.

Food-grade kraft paper tape is usually made of pure wood pulp, which is much stronger than plastic packaging in terms of hygiene and safety, and kraft paper tape packaging can be recycled and reused, and it is better than plastic packaging in terms of environmental protection.

In addition, even if the kraft paper tape packaging is stacked on the ground, it will quickly be degraded in the soil. Unlike plastic packaging that is difficult to degrade, it causes white pollution and has a destructive effect on the soil and the environment.

Definition of environmentally friendly kraft paper tape

The fiber of environmentally friendly kraft paper comes from plants, mostly from forests. In recent years, global environmental awareness has increased. Some environmental protection teams have accused paper making and paper use inconsistent with environmental protection, but people understand that it is impossible without paper, and a civilized life of mankind It will stagnate or even regress, but it also understands the responsibility of protecting the environment. Therefore, environmentally friendly kraft paper tape manufacturers are also working hard to study environmentally friendly paper making methods. Environmentally friendly paper involves the following conditions:

1. Do not use toxic chemical treatments, such as chlorine-free bleached and dyed pulp "Chlorine free".

2. Reconstituted with recycled fibers, called recycled paper or recycled paper "Recycled paper".

3. The use of managed forest fiber, "Fiber from well managed forest", such as FSC or PEFC certified production and marketing chain supply paper.

4. The paper mill has obtained the international environmental protection certification "ISO14000" or "ECO mark" or "Green Label".

5. Low carbon production "Low carbon made" and carbon neutral "Carbon neutral".

6. Adopt natural pigment "Naturally occurring pigment".

Every customer chooses environmentally friendly kraft paper tape, please pay attention to whether the product description on the package meets the above requirements.

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