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Application of wet water kraft paper tape

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Baijin kraft paper tape manufacturers will introduce to you, wet water kraft paper tape is kraft paper as the base material, using raw wood pulp kraft paper coated starch glue or corn glue after drying cut into a wet tape.

After the water produced viscosity, with environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable renewable resources. It can be rapidly reduced in the natural environment without any pollution and harm to the environment. It has been widely used in eu countries.

When used, gently wipe the surface with a wet cloth to produce viscosity, and the color of the carton close. Suitable for export carton sealing or covering carton writing. The shielding of carton printing, the treatment of clothing surface, the packaging of weight objects and other anti-unpacking, high viscosity can not become warped, long shelf life, to ensure the long-term effectiveness of viscosity without dampness, widely used in all walks of life.

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Application Cases:

** Electrical appliance factory packaging cartons are 5 or 7 layers of hard box, high hardness and high requirements for tape, in the wet paper tape inside the fiber produced into a reinforced kraft paper tape, but also according to customer requirements on the surface customized personalized text, transfer brand concept.

Baijin kraft paper tape manufacturers: according to customer requirements to produce a variety of printing tape.The company has strong technical force and perfect quality management system, all products have passed the European Union ROHS international environmental protection certification. (SVHC) REACH and SGS directive certification.

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