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Application of kraft paper tape

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Kraft paper tape

Kraft paper tape, which is commonly used in industry, is a special product of kraft paper tape manufacturers with strong adhesiveness. The following matters need to be paid attention to when applying.

Kraft paper tape is different from insulating tape. Although it also has a certain insulating effect, it cannot be equal to insulating tape. Therefore, pay attention to safety when using it in certain circuits. Adhesive tape should not be directly pasted on the person's body. When storing the tape, it should be placed in a cool place as much as possible. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid failure of the glue. When using the tape, remove the stains on the surface of the tape, otherwise the adhesiveness of the tape will be reduced when it is pasted.

Application of Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape is used in various industries, especially the adhesive tape in the chemical industry, the film and adhesive market is developing rapidly.

Regarding the same type of tape, assuming that the molecular weight or composition is different, the processing performance of the tape and the mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of the film after it is made will also be different. Whether it is scotch tape or kraft paper tape, it will be affected by the raw materials. This urges us to pay attention to the grade and grade of the polymer when selecting tape raw materials.

In the consumption of plastic films, it is often necessary to add some additives to the polymer. The types and properties of these additives have a great influence on the performance of the film. In the consumption of kraft paper tapes, polymers and certain additives are often mixed in a certain proportion to achieve the purpose of improving certain aspects of performance.

Polyethylene can be added to tape raw materials such as smoothing agents to improve the lubricity of the tape. Secondly, when preparing polyethylene films, stabilizers must be added due to easy thermal synthesis.

Adhesive tape must have a reasonable combination of formulas and a proper ratio with the tape raw materials. Adjusting the ratio of the combined materials will change the performance of the tape.

With the acceleration of economic globalization and rapid economic development, the relevant information of kraft paper tape has become China's largest and most attractive market, and the adhesive industry has become the industry with the most development potential in China's chemical industry. With the unfolding of economy and the progress of science and technology, the application of this category is also expanding rapidly. For example, woodworking, papermaking, packaging, mobile phones, optoelectronics, communications, automobiles, textiles, electronics and medical industries all use adhesives.

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