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Advantages of Veneer Tape

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Advantages of Veneer Tape

The environmental protection Veneer Tape is made of kraft paper as the base material and modified starch as the adhesive. Cause any pollution to the environment. Next,Baijin Veneer tape manufacturer introduction something advantages of veneer tape to everybody.

The Veneer Tape uses yellow and white special tape as the base material, and is made by coating, slitting and perforating with a water-soluble adhesive. Used for patching and repairing inside sliced veneers, or for inlaying and assembling furniture countertop patterns according to drawings. The tape is first affixed to the outer surface of the veneer when inlaid, and the entire veneer pattern is then attached to the furniture panel after the mosaic inlay positioning is completed. After hot pressing and drying, the entire veneer can be polished and sanded at one time.

Advantages of Veneer Tape

1. Easy to tear and stick: The tape is soft and easy to tear by hand; precision coating technology, moderate viscosity, no residual glue stains on the surface of the adhesive.

2. Strong adhesion: Veneer Tape is suitable for various surfaces with different materials and different temperature environments.

3. Flexible specifications: Flexible production of Veneer Tape specifications can be cut at will according to user requirements.

4. Anti-static: The Veneer Tape is made of natural materials, unlike other OPP plastic tapes, it has static problems and reduces the attraction to paper.

5. Low carbon and environmental protection: The main ingredients come from natural green plants, waste incineration, and produce less harmful gas than OPP tape.

Biodegradable green Veneer Tape application industry: production technology and various packaging applications in furniture electronics, automobiles, toys, clothing, cosmetics, health food, handicrafts and other industries; express packaging repair, e-commerce, etc.

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